Deliver a "WOW" Member Experience

Become The World's Greatest Integreted Retailer

Build a Team of Engaged Associates Who Embrace Change and Technology

Operational Excellance to Drive Profitable Sales

Members First

I deliver a “WOW” experience to each member by understanding their specific needs and offering them the right products and services.

Own It

I take accountability to close the gaps as I See It, Own It, Solve It and Do It.

Embrace Feedback

I am open, honest, and respectful in my communications, and constantly seek, accept and offer feedback.

Show Pride

I am an engaged member. I demonstrate passion and pride by leading by example.

Learn and Innovate

I learn new ways to serve members and do my job better by embracing innovation and technology.

Earn Trust

I work hard to earn the trust of every member I serve and every co-worker I interact with.

Be Authentic

I am genuine in all my interactions, ask questions to understand and align my words and actions to achieve the key results.