At SHI we believe interaction and communication at all levels are directly proportional to the performances of the company and the associates. So it is a mandate for us to organise a town hall on a frequent basis. On October 12, 2012 the associates got to interact with the leaders of the organization Alok Kumar, MD- SHI and Keith Sherwell, CIO- SHC.

Sears Holdings India participated in the NASSCOM led Tech Series “Big Data- The next big wave” held in Noida from September 13-14. The term “Big Data” refers to data groups whose size is far higher than the capacity of the commonly used software tools posses. The session aimed to bring in the industry leaders and developers to understand and channelize the means to deal with larger volumes of data and their storages.

TechEdge 2012, a pioneer technology based  in-house event in the calendar of Sears Holdings India began with a lot of zest and enamour. It is a forum intended to excite and provoke out-of-the-box thoughts leading to innovative ideas to solve business or technical problems. It is a platform for associates to share their success stories in implementing unique solutions that could be of interest to other teams.

We all have heard about the popular adage, “A drop of ink can make millions think.” But did you ever recollect about what change can a drop of blood make to a dying millions? At SHI, associates are ever-ready with their unique and philanthropic activities to make the world a better place. As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility, a Sears Blood Donation Drive was organised on the eve of the Independence Day by CSR committee of Sears India. This is not the first time that we have come up with the honourable act of blood donation but our third consecutive year.