We all have heard about the popular adage, “A drop of ink can make millions think.” But did you ever recollect about what change can a drop of blood make to a dying millions? At SHI, associates are ever-ready with their unique and philanthropic activities to make the world a better place. As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility, a Sears Blood Donation Drive was organised on the eve of the Independence Day by CSR committee of Sears India. This is not the first time that we have come up with the honourable act of blood donation but our third consecutive year.

An SHI Associate donates blood on the eve of Independence Day

This year was a bit different than our other blood donation days because it took place on the eve of Independence. Do you remember the amount of blood our grand fathers and fore fathers have shed to make us enjoy the independence? Whatever we do seems insignificant to their sacrifices but as socially responsible corporates we owe them a bit.

Need for blood donation

Friends were you aware of the statistics that claim for the need for blood to save lives? It’s a shock that in every 2 seconds, someone needs blood. Astonishingly every year a million people are diagnosed with cancer and require blood transfusion. But the crude reality is our country only has 40 lakh available units of blood, in comparison to the need of 4 crore units of blood.

Benefits of blood donation

But donating blood is just not restricted to helping others for good. There are lot of benefits of donating blood. Firstly, you get a health check-up done, absolutely for free! Secondly, according to researches, donating blood often reduces your risk for cancer and heart attack. Thirdly, doctors say, a pint of blood every month just degenerates and has no use in our body, so donating it for saving a life is undoubtedly worth doing! To top it all it’s like insurance, where you are insured to get a bottle of blood when you are need it within a year for yourself or your family and friends.

More than 100 associates participated this year in this motivational and unique activity organised by the CSR team of ours. A team of doctors, nurses, counsellors and lab technicians from Ruby Hall Clinic assisted the associates. From the management to the associates, everyone was in a content mood, hoping they have done their share for the society and the nation.