TechEdge 2012, a pioneer technology based  in-house event in the calendar of Sears Holdings India began with a lot of zest and enamour. It is a forum intended to excite and provoke out-of-the-box thoughts leading to innovative ideas to solve business or technical problems. It is a platform for associates to share their success stories in implementing unique solutions that could be of interest to other teams.

TechEdge is highly beneficial to all associates as it opens up new vistas for collaboration and sharing.   Lastly, by virtue of all of the above, it increases the "organizations technology landscape" awareness among associates and also gives them greater visibility within the organization.

Padmashri Dr. Vijay Bhatkar was the prime guest of honour at the event this year. The conference started by greeting Dr. Bhatkar, a pioneer in the world of technology with many firsts to his name.  We had three keynote speakers mainly Alok Kumar, Dr. Vijay Bhatkar and Ted Rudman who enlightened all present.

Alok, in his inimitable style, made a short but impactful speech, citing the example of SONY and how this top company became “once upon a giant” and the lesson therein for all of us to learn.

Ted Rudman talked about how a unified pricing team was able to deliver the goods for the business by being the early adopters of Hadoop technology.

Padmashri Dr. Bhatkar shared about the importance of keeping pace with the change so as not to be left behind and how we should all be engaged in the pursuit of excellence in what we do.  In today’s world, he also mentioned how distances are shrinking and borders get blurred as far as technology collaboration is concerned and how we should all help one another to achieve greater goals of mankind.

After that our associates made presentations on their experiences and learning from the implementation of various technologies on their projects.  The sessions were quite interactive with many good questions asked and equally well answered.  Needless to say we overshot the schedule but were able to have every presenter do their presentations.  After the presentations we had five workshops going on for couple of hours.  The associates were very eager and proud to share their achievements.  The workshops were a great way to learn and to know how different teams came up with solutions to solve the business.

All in all the session was highly informative and interactive to take home a trove of knowledge. We thank all for their active participation and share of knowledge.