Sears Holdings India participated in the NASSCOM led Tech Series “Big Data- The next big wave” held in Noida from September 13-14. The term “Big Data” refers to data groups whose size is far higher than the capacity of the commonly used software tools posses. The session aimed to bring in the industry leaders and developers to understand and channelize the means to deal with larger volumes of data and their storages.

SHI is proud to be associated with NASSCOM. Its expert guidance has helped SHI to walk high miles and win lot of accolades. As a major backbone of the IT and BPO industry’s development, NASSCOM organizes various seminars and workshops to hone the performances of the IT industry.

Our IT Director Kesavan Srinivasan at the NASSCOM led conference.

The two day conference brought to light many interesting and unknown facts about handling large quantities of data and their storages. Our IT Director Kesavan Srinivasan, laid out the unique means of data handling and effective storage, in tune with our IT practices. He also explained the delegates on the perspective between the CXO and Developers when it comes to mass data storage capabilities.

Our Technical Architect Niraj Sinha presented his technical case studies to explain with efficiency the means and solutions we improvise in our daily data handling at Sears. The symposium was pretty informative and we did gain a lot of knowledge interacting and sharing our thoughts with the other industry leaders and associates.

We thank NASSCOM for organizing such informative and interactive events.