At SHI we believe interaction and communication at all levels are directly proportional to the performances of the company and the associates. So it is a mandate for us to organise a town hall on a frequent basis. On October 12, 2012 the associates got to interact with the leaders of the organization Alok Kumar, MD- SHI and Keith Sherwell, CIO- SHC.

“Dream Big” says Alok

When it comes to achieving success, one should always aim for the sky. Alok Kumar enlightened the associates with the thought to dream big in life. He explained how SHI as a visionary project, gathered momentum and how it turned into a reality serving its parent company with unique and innovative solutions. The constant dedication and perseverance of the leaders and the associates led to this success. He also laid emphasis on how important it is to embrace change and how SHI, as an organization adopted it to accelerate its growth.
Key message: Think positively with a mindset to accept changes for the better.

We are a “Learning organization” states Keith

Emphasising on the value of learning, the Chief Information Officer of SHC, Keith congratulated the leaders and associates for building the right team with perfect skill sets that is apt to shoulder all responsibilities. He also laid stress on the importance of building a team with core learning qualities that would benefit both the onsite and offshore associates.
Key message:  Utilise the talents, skills of all and work as a global team to conquer the skies!

Value sourcing matters

The need of the hour is value sourcing. Clients these days are looking forward to value and skills among associates to adapt to the competitive world. Alok and Keith tried to foresee the future of it in their book- “Value Sourcing – The future of outsourcing”. The book gives a detailed view on value sourcing and the importance that it is going to play in the near future.  The book was unveiled to the associates in the interactive Town Hall.

Award distribution

Finally a word of appreciation was due for the associates for their commendable performances. The associates who made a mark with their fine ideas and presentations on handling big data in the ‘TechEdge’ conference were applauded.
Winners: Saurabh Bhutyani, Senthilkumar Bellukutty, Santoshkumar Vishnupurikar

All in all the Town Hall was interactive and inspirative for all present.