The admin team of any organization is the backbone of its complete success. Be it from the cleanliness of your cubicle to arrangement of your travel or arranging appointments with the Visa office for your onsite travel, this team leaves no stone unturned when it comes to your needs. Let’s know more about the team of unsung heroes of our organization which takes all the pain to make life at SHI pleasant and easy for us.

At SHI, we believe that fun and work are symbiotic to each other. That’s why at SHI you will get to see us associates multitasking between fun, pomp and work. When our mind gets exhausted solving that tricky technical issue,  our soothing cafeteria environs along with lip smacking food that brightens us up. So let’s take you on a tour with us as we introduce you to our finger licking cuisine and fun filled activities at work.

Career today has become not just important but an integral part of our lives, so to soar up the career ladder there are basically two ways that are available with us. The first being to put your head down come to office on time or maybe even a bit early, do your work diligently, wait for the opportunities that come by and wait for the results to shape up for you or you could take a complete control proactively to step up your career. So decide for yourself. Here we get you some quick smart, easy to follow, effective tips to raise the bar of success at work. They will surely carve the path of your professional life as you envisioned.

Zest is just not an annual event of ours but a pavilion to recognize all rounder talents, appreciate associates for their dedicated efforts and build family ties. Read more as we bring out our successes and challenges to establish “Zest” as a remarkable event in our calendar.