While we strive to provide our associates with a healthy work-life balance at Sears Holdings India (SHI), we understand the importance of providing equilibrium at work itself. Each associate is a motivated professional in the midst of a highly qualified peer group, capable leaders and innovation-driven projects. Career paths are tailor-made keeping in mind that every single associate has unique skills which can be honed further to add more value. There is always something new to learn and look forward to at SHI.

At SHI, we are not all about work! We engage our associates and their families in many ways. From high-energy driven cricket tournaments to festive cultural days, we have it all. Not only are these events for our associates, but they are driven by the associates too. The SPICE (Sears People Interactive and Collaborative Events) Committee is a conglomeration of associates who are driven to making our company fun, fulfilling and festive.

We’ve started strong and have a long way to go…

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