At Sears Holdings India (SHI)‚ we understand the challenges faced across the various operations undertaken here. With the best talent and resources in place‚ SHI provides you a platform to enrich your career in a dynamic work environment.

SHI gives you a platform to work on world-class technologies with hands-on project experience. Some of the most niche skills and technologies are being used and deployed across projects within SHI.

Apart from exposure to advanced technologies, associates joining SHI may have an opportunity to travel onsite to gain more exposure to the project, knowledge transfer and meet with SHC team members.

SHI also has various features and benefits for associates to help them advance in their career and make them more comfortable within the organization.

Here’s what we have to offer

Learning and Development:

We emphasize on the importance of continual evolvement. Keeping this in mind, there is a multitude of trainings provided for the benefit of our associates. The trainings cover areas from personal to professional development, technology to soft skills improvement, retail domain and much more.

Health & Wellness:

SHI provides a wide range of healthcare coverage for its associates and eligible dependents. We offer on-site dental and vision screenings, meditation workshops and health club membership discounts.

Beyond the Basics:

SHI also offers some services which are needed in day to day life like train bookings, electricity bills submission, financial planning etc. at subsidized rates.

Some of the services offered are:

  • Concierge Desk
  • Banking Help desk
  • Financial Planning