Achieve Information Security with Converged Infrastructures

CIOs of today have several challenges in their hands, posed by an ever changing dynamic IT environment that has demands scaling exponentially. Siloed servers and standalone IT infrastructure in today’s enterprises are not able to meet these demands anymore.

These challenges, listed below, demand integrated solutions with simplified user experience and higher effectiveness.

Most technology vendors usually focus their concentration only on their respective “stacks”- computing, storage, and network and on helping customers integrate across those stacks. However, until recently, no one was bundling the components into simplified integrated solutions.

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Sudhir Salve Associate Director – Workforce Management and Talent Acquisition, Sears India, was part of the forum at the Employability Leadership Program 2015 in Pune. A lot of interesting topics on start-ups, and ideas and passions of the ambitious audience were discussed.

"Out of the 5 million engineering graduates that pass out every year, 3 million of them are from the IT sector and only 27% of them are employable", stated Sudhir, referring to data from NASSCOM. The IT industry has achieved an impressive revenue of $123 billion with the help of a 3.3 million workforce. By effectively using resources and employees, this revenue could be doubled to reach $246 billion. This could be done by adding another 1.2 million workforce - taking the workforce to 6.6 million will not be required."

Encouraging fresh engineers to become more ambitious and determined, Sudhir suggested that each one of them must create their profiles like an “ADVERT”. Providing snapshots with numbers, metrics and business impact in the project they executed is of prime importance. He referred to the example of how we, as individuals, tend to invest in buying a product even after seeing a mere 5-second advertisement. It is all about the presentation!

Further, Sudhir said that mentioning hobbies, and how they have helped you in your professional and personal lives both will also help. Fresh engineers should develop cognitive ability, wherein they try to understand their problems in bits, brush up their grasping power along with the ability to learn a new skill and always be curious to find solutions.

"Finding out one particular USP about yourself – maybe a skill, a passion, or a particular subject on which you have researched well enough can also be used as a very strong point. Every employer is interested in this." Sudhir said.

"Another important aspect is awareness. Self-awareness as well as awareness about your surroundings will also help you understand your strengths, build on them and know what is happening outside the world of technology. If you are a person with multiple skills, or at least two, it is an added plus. For example, you may be a software generalist but you also know all the areas of SDLC. Specializing in any two skills does make you different and more employable."

Sudhir Salve has revolutionized recruitment in Sears India, and has been instrumental in adapting new age software and recruitment techniques to attract millenials into the company.

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August was a month of great excitement at Sears Speaks. Dennis Moore, President of Member Technology, visited Sears India to meet everybody and to inaugurate the Bengaluru office. Dennis Moore, accompanied by the SLT, visited Bengaluru on the 19th of August to inaugurate the new office at the Embassy Tech Village on Sarjapur Road. The inauguration was announced across the cities of Pune and Bengaluru through the Print Media.

Back in Pune the next day, Dennis Moore addressed his Leadership Connect: Town Hall with Dennis to an excited and curious audience. The Town Hall offered an open forum for associates to interact directly with Dennis Moore and have all their doubts put to rest. Dennis inspired everyone with his professional journey and details on what he learnt on the way. He urged all of us at India to deliver consistent, reliable, scalable and quality solutions. His vision for India is to get end-to-end solutions and services delivered in future.

Apart from the finale of TechEdge which Dennis mentioned, along with some solutions that have a great scope, Dennis also liked the people practices of Sears India. The Town Hall ended with Dennis awarding the TechEdge and Aroha winners.


In retrospection of Dennis's visit, teams and associates have admired Dennis for his tireless ability to work and create strategies and solutions, while participating in team interactions at the same time. During his floor visit, Dennis wowed associates by speaking to them one on one and acknowledging the contributions made by them towards the larger organization.

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The eve of 7th September saw some interesting topics being spoken about at a discussion with Mr. Michael S Dell, Chairman and CEO, Dell Inc. at The Leela Palace in Bengaluru. Deenadayalan Naidu, Director of IT at Sears India participated in this prestigious event. The event, reception and discussion with Mr. Michael S Dell, was organized on behalf of DELL and ASSOCHAM. Michael threw light on the competitive start-ups ecosystem that India has been thriving in. He stated that the enormous young population of our country proves to be a great natural resource for us. "India is purely in the green category and gets an A or A+ of creating entrepreneurs," said Michael.

He also added that India can shine bright by tapping the young IT population, setting up world class universities which will definitely attract both, international and domestic firms, in turn creating more jobs in order to maintain our rapid pace of GDP growth.

With several leaders counting India as an attractive source of good talent, Sears India is right on track with a new office in Bengaluru and a plan to expand its technology development centers with great talent.

We hope to see more such interactions in the days to come.

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A lot was lined up for the 14th of August at Sears India. Independence Day was celebrated grandiosely, with the entire premises being decorated in tricolor hues, and illuminated with lights. A beautiful Rangoli greeted everyone at the reception. Associates were geared up for Table Tennis Championship finals, Blood Donation Drive and the main Independence Day celebrations, for which, we had a big surprise awaiting them.


Independence Day at Sears India

Independence Day at Sears India

Independence Day at Sears India

Independence Day at Sears India


As the first half of the morning pepped everyone up with the TT Championship matches, the players had a hard time against each other, each one of them being stalwarts who had reached this far after 15 days of semi-final matches.


Independence Day at Sears India

Independence Day at Sears India


Associates and leaders united on the single platform in the spirit of championship and the game had onlookers’ eyes glued to the ball, with anticipation of who would win and who would give in. The highlight match was by Kesavan, Senior IT Director, who proved yet again, that he is unbeatable in TT.


Independence Day at Sears India


In parallel, we had the Blood Donation drive conducted by the CSR committee in collaboration with the Ruby Hall Clinic. By the end of the day, we had collected 154 units of blood, thanks to the wonderful associates of Sears India.

The highlight of the day was kicked off by VP and MD of Sears India, Alok Kumar, who came dressed traditionally in a blue Modi jacket, looking great and excited at the surprise he was going to unveil. The event was started with the National Anthem, followed by a very short but relevant speech by Alok. Alok urged every associate to take a pledge to be human beings first, and then everything else. He spoke about why it was all the more important for us to be united in our diversity and be grounded to Mother India.


Independence Day at Sears India


“Independence doesn’t mean freedom if our speech and actions hurt others. True independence means the choice to offer dignity and to treat each other with dignity and respect.”

That said, he distributed the TT trophies to winners and runners up, and after that, the surprise that was much awaited was unveiled, with the introduction of Dr. Anand Godse from Taal Inc., who made his un-missable entrance with 20 drums. The 20 member Tech Edge Committee was made to sit in a circle, and a few instructions on safety later, Dr. Anand set off an hours’ worth of pure unadulterated fun, taking every associate into the whirlpool of drum beats and claps.


Independence Day at Sears India

Independence Day at Sears India