Sears India had the honor of being a part of the Vision 2025 event at Indian Institute of Materials Management (IIMM) on 25th April 2015. Vision 2025 was conducted by IIMM at Le Meridien, Pune. Our VP & MD Alok Kumar was invited to give the attendees a talk on 'Managing Scalability through Skills and Talent'.

Alok spoke about several aspects of organization growth and highlighted how skills and talent need to be integrated managed in order to expand while lowering costs at the same time.

Alok further added, “Skilled talent is a necessity for surviving in any industry. Companies today have taken up onus of retaining talent through upskilling opportunities. The supply chain management plays a very important role in the scalability of talent. Citing pertinent examples like that of Nokia that could not keep up with changing mobility trends, Alok also shared various innovative HR practices that Sears India has pioneered in its 5 years of existence.

Students and supply chain industry leaders appreciated the wealth of knowledge that Alok brought in.

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