August was a month of great excitement at Sears Speaks. Dennis Moore, President of Member Technology, visited Sears India to meet everybody and to inaugurate the Bengaluru office. Dennis Moore, accompanied by the SLT, visited Bengaluru on the 19th of August to inaugurate the new office at the Embassy Tech Village on Sarjapur Road. The inauguration was announced across the cities of Pune and Bengaluru through the Print Media.

Back in Pune the next day, Dennis Moore addressed his Leadership Connect: Town Hall with Dennis to an excited and curious audience. The Town Hall offered an open forum for associates to interact directly with Dennis Moore and have all their doubts put to rest. Dennis inspired everyone with his professional journey and details on what he learnt on the way. He urged all of us at India to deliver consistent, reliable, scalable and quality solutions. His vision for India is to get end-to-end solutions and services delivered in future.

Apart from the finale of TechEdge which Dennis mentioned, along with some solutions that have a great scope, Dennis also liked the people practices of Sears India. The Town Hall ended with Dennis awarding the TechEdge and Aroha winners.


In retrospection of Dennis's visit, teams and associates have admired Dennis for his tireless ability to work and create strategies and solutions, while participating in team interactions at the same time. During his floor visit, Dennis wowed associates by speaking to them one on one and acknowledging the contributions made by them towards the larger organization.

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