On Saturday evening,the employees of Sears Holdings India,along with their families,celebrated the company's annual day, Zest 2012, which had fun, games and an awards ceremony.

Published in Pune Times-The Times of India, April 30, 2012

"Every company aspires to be excellent; but very few, in a true sense, achieve excellence"

Sears India, which is the off-shore development centre for Sears Holdings Corporation started its operations in December 2009, providing technology solutions and application support in the retail domain. Sears India currently supports Sears Holdings and its group companies having operations in North America. It handles a significant portion of the organisation's technology needs including application development, support, testing facilities and software product development. Since its inception, Sears India has seen rapid growth in the technology domain and within just 2.5 years, has more than 650 employees. The key reason for this growth has been primarily because of the value generation which Sears Holdings India (SHI) has been able to give to Sears. The value generation amounted to higher than target savings in input cost on the technology front, capability to market faster, better quality and flexibility of services and innovation, which Sears was not able to get through existing third-party IT service providers, expresses Alok Kumar, CEO, Sears Holding India.

SEARS Holdings India (SHI) is an IT Offshore center of Sears Holdings Corporation (SHC), USA. It is the fourth largest broad line retailer in the US. SHC has featured proudly in the US Fortune 100 companies and is over $43 Billion. Sears and Kmart are the two major brands with a legacy of over 100 years in the retail industry. Sears Holdings India plays a pivotal role in transforming IT by providing cutting edge IT solutions. Having completed over one year of its successful existence in India and more than 500 associates, Sears Holdings India celebrated its first annual cultural fest, ZEST 2011, on May 20, at Westin.