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SHI CSR Team has once again shown that they live their slogan “Let’s make a difference Today". CSR Team went out for their first Team Lunch this year on 8 Sep, Wednesday. For this team event too, they ensured to make a difference by organizing their Team Lunch with the children of NGO: "Maher".

During their 2 hours stay at Maher, CSR Team members interacted with the children, NGO Staff and some German citizens who had taken a year-long volunteership program at Maher.

The team sang songs with the children and enjoyed their sweet poems. Team members served the kids pizzas, making a big difference in their lives, this being the kids' first pizza party.

The CSR team members took home satisfaction and compassion, while the Maher children took back smiles with them.

CSR Team’s Lunch at Maher Ashram

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Our team spent some time with the kids, asking them the experience of sharing lunch with them. The following Maher kids expressed,

  1. Manoj Vigave (12th) - "I loved pizza very much"
  2. Vipul Shirsath (9th) - "I had fun with all."
  3. Pooja Bhade (1st Year) - "When are you coming again?"
  4. Priyanka Dandkar (1st Year) - "Thanks for sharing lunch with us."
  5. Yelorikna Kumar (2nd) - "This was my first pizza." - Ajay (2nd) - "Me too."